Dry Herb Vaporizers | Medical Marijuana Vaporizers, THC/CBD

A dry herb vaporizer (aka marijuana vaporizer) is a device used to vape dry herb or dry flower, unlike traditional e-cigarettes. Also, know as a herbal vaporizer, dry herb vaporizers are small, portable, discreet and convenient to carry anywhere and everywhere.

At Vape Gold Coast we provide a wide range of dry herb vaporizers. With innovative, sleek designs, available in different sizes, colours, as well as functionality. An array of accessories such as grinders, mouthpieces and cleaning devices are also available. We aim to suit all of your dry herb vaporizer needs.

We have accrued a wide range of devices from some of the biggest brands in the world like Storz & Bickel, Pax, Davinci, Firefly and Kingtons. And we stock small convenient portable dry herb vaporizers. And also powerfull desktop vaporisers like the Volcano range.

Medical Marijuana Vaporizer

An excellent option for those with a medicinal marijuana prescription. A Medical Marijuana Vaporizer ensures that all the toxic chemicals released when burning a substance are not present when vaporizing a substance.

Therefore medicinal marijuana users get all of the good from their medicine. And without the negative and cancer-causing carcinogens associated with burning the product to consume it. Our dry herb vaporizer range is the perfect answer for those needing a marijuana vaporizer.

When looking to compare dry herb vapes there are a variety of things to consider. Not only do you need to consider the size, shape and style and price of the device. You also need to consider the heating style (convection or conduction) and the element material (stainless steel, glass, or ceramic).

If you're not sure about which dry herb (marijuana vaporizer) you need please feel free to give us a call and we can chat. Let's talk about how much usage it will get and when you need yours to arrive.