Unsure about what kind of Juice to go for ? Read on

As a general rule, eJuices are made up of 3 4 ingredients:

VG Vegetable Glycerine

PG Propylene Glycol


Nicotine (Not legal to use in your vaporizer in Australia at the time of writing this article)


Many have previously had at least a quick puff of a Vaporizer prior to recent days, and some, with or without their knowledge got easily put off the idea by any one of a number of things like:

Inferior Equipment, Inferior Juice, Insufficient knowledge to match the device they are using with a suitable juice.


On Inferior Equipment:

Firstly, what is inferior to one person may not necessarily be inferior to another, yes there are certainly better built machines than others out there and even some that can be hazardous due to their build style and cheaping out on certain parts. Those things aside, there is also many different types. What suits Tom, will not necessarily suit Dick and Harry.

Now while everyone will tell you their equipment is the best and nobody elses compares, the truth is, there are many fantastic Vaporizers out there on the market, but then again, there are plenty of disasters waiting to happen too, ultimately, it comes down to: A well built machine, good advice from highly knowledgeable persons prior to even picking one up, personal preference toward style of device, product support and a reliable vendor selling the equipment. As a general rule (and I do say general as there are people out there selling cheap and nasty stuff for top dollar too), If you manage to steer clear of the cheap and nasty stuff, and get a nicely matched setup, your vaporizer should serve you well.


On Inferior Juice:

In regard to Flavour this one comes down mostly to personal preference.

Just tell me the best flavour!!!! lol we get it all the time but, we all like different things, some flavor, some for the ultimate throat hit, some for the biggest clouds, some for discretion, some to do vapor tricks with, Some for that perfect combination of flavour, cloud and throat hit that tricks their mind into seeing their vape as the perfect substitute for their . skateboarding addiction wait what?? Remember folks . In Australia Vaporizers cannot be sold as a quit smoking Aid! Whatever your reason, the best method is to try different combinations of flavours to see what suits you best.


Flavour wise:

As previously mentioned . This we cant tell you, as everyone is different, what will be great for one will be terrible for another and vice versa. and then just to throw a spanner in the works change the coils or change the tank or change the airflow or change the wattage on your device and all of a sudden a juice that before didnt tickle your fancy becomes your favourite .. it really can get complicated if you go right into the depths of it.


Our most common question in store is probably, which is your favourite flavor, or, which is the best juice common answer: Depends who you ask on which day, It would be like walking into a bottle shop and saying to the attendant, whats the best booze and I should imagine the reply would be something along the lines of Depends who you ask One may like red wine, another beer, another rum, another whiskey and another white spirits, and any one of them would tell you that their one is the best, doesnt mean it will suit you. It may take you trying ten juices before you find your first all day vape as we refer to it and somewhere along the line you will likely switch it up as your tastes develop and more than likely you will somewhere down the track find yourself branch out to flavours you may not have even considered trying when you first started out, only to find WOW! this stuff is amazing.


In regard to different types of juices:

A few mentions

1:For those wanting to sub ohm and get those decent, satisfying amounts of vapor, stick to your higher / Max VG juices you will find as a general rule that any juice with under a 60VG rating will leak in the majority of sub ohm tanks/devices. Careful of those cheaper juices theyre usually high in PG and not made for Sub ohm

2:Whilst vaping with nic in Australia is illegal at the time of writing this, this means we cannot advise anyone in Australia to do it, we are also aware that there may be a few who use it anyway for various reasons. We also feel its pretty important to mention nicotine for anyone viewing this article from outside of Australia.


So Nicotine Be aware that nicotine in higher concentration levels can make you very sick, similar in a way to how parents back in the day, would make their kids smoke a big bunch of cigarettes to make them feel sick if they caught them smoking, in the hope that they would never be silly enough to do it again. Nicotine, its more concentrated levels can kill, especially young children / animals Take a second to think about that . Weve been baffled by the severe lack of knowledge about nicotine out there often by people already using it Take your time and do some solid research about Nicotine from credible sources before even considering using it in your Vaporizer and make sure if you choose to use it, you are using a level suited to the device you are using. What works in one can be waaaaay too much in another . people need to be educated . this is assuming you are outside of Australia of course, if in Australia do not use nicotine in your Vaporizer, go grab yourself a Nicotine inhaler or a Nicotine patch from your local chemist to use along side your no Nicotine Vaporizer, because the Nicotine Inhalers . are legal here go figure ?


Again this can get pretty complicated as a newby, however it makes a huge difference to your vaping experience.

100% VG CLOUDS FOR DAYS! Dense clouds of vapour, minimal flavour and no throat hit. (Without Nicotine of course) Generally only really used for people trying to produce big clouds but arent concerned with flavour VG is of a thick Viscosity similar to that of .. saaay . oil (nope VG is not engine oil and its properties are very different)


90% VG/10% PG Just as dense clouds, still minimal flavour and a whisper of a throat hit. (Again without Nicotine of course) for those of you outside of Australia nicotine will add to the throat hit of any ratio VG/PG juice and the more nicotine and the more high powered the device the more throat hit.


80% VG/20% PG Big clouds, the flavour is getting better and the start of a throat hit.


70% VG/30% PG The thick clouds are starting to fade, better flavour and you can notice a reasonable throat hit on a sub ohm device.


60% VG/40% PG The flavour and throat hit are getting better but youre starting to miss your big dense clouds now! This is about as far as you really want to go up in PG with the majority of Sub ohm devices before you have to start concerning yourself with leaking issues if the device is left to sit for any decent length of time, this is due to the much thinner viscosity of PG compared with VG.


50% VG/50% PG For some people the best of both worlds, plenty of flavour plenty of throat kick and still a decent cloud on a higher powered device Sub ohm owners tend to start noticing leaking issues round about this point though.


40% VG/60% PG Entering flavour junkie territory, back to minimal clouds though, personally wouldnt even consider putting anything this low VG in a subohm device as it would most likely leak and most people would find the throat kick a bit too harsh . Especially people overseas using nicotine.


30% VG/70% PG Clouds are disappearing, starting to get in to the old low powered pen style vaporizer at this ratio if you try to put some of this stuff into your subohm tanked device get ready to watch it put itself back out the bottom again and good luck with the throat hit on any reasonable kind of sub ohm / wattage.


20% VG/80% PG Definitely not everyones cup of tea but even on a very small device with a 1? or above coil you will definitely know youve had a puff of it. Quite common for use in very cheap devices and cheap import juice.


10% VG/90% PG My throat is on fire Cough! Definitely not going to recommend this to anyone Though if you have a device that puts out next to no vapour, I guess this would be one way to know youve had a puff.


100% PG Dont do it. !


Ok, so now you may well be asking yourself, great how do I remember all this when it comes time to try a new eJuice, well first of all, we mostly offer and recommend High and Max VG Juices which are usually above about 70% VG. Despite what it says above, about not so much flavor in the higher VG Juices, dont worry, weve got you covered with some amazing tasting Max VG Juices other than that when juice hunting elsewhere heres how you remind yourself:


VG: V=VAPOUR and most like lots of Vapour I would even go so far as to say as lots of Vapour is VERY GOOD .. VG


If I want more flavour, or throat hit, I go for the other one PG.


When you want to produce those big clouds, you need to ideally go for a Max VG liquid, and theres just something so satisfying about it for most, however, with no nicotine you will be sacrificing some throat hit but then many maybe even the majority see the smoother puff as a plus too.


Again I mention, while discussing nicotine use in eJuices, that at the time of writing this article, current Australian government laws stipulate that nicotine eJuices cannot be sold or used in Vaporizers in Australia.


A common mistake I have heard made, I smoked 12mg cigarettes and I want to vape instead, therefor I should vape 12mg Absolutely not the case! , When using Nicotine, it is relative to the device you are using. Nicotine is carried by the vapour, and therefore the more Vapour your device produces, the less nicotine you need on that vapor (in the juice mixture) for the same end result. Just as an example, (there are other variables to be considered too, like coil, airflow etc etc) but as an example, a 30w device, using a 6mg eliquid may be able to produce the same nicotine delivery per puff as say a 60w device running 3mg eliquid.


If you are reading this article from outside of Australia, when selecting your ratio, make sure you do some vast research on nicotine ratios. The more nicotine, the more throat hit you will get, and also stave off the nicotine cravings, so if you are vaping even a smaller powered device with a 80/20 VG/PG mix with 12mg nicotine you are still going to get a massive throat hit, possibly decent clouds (dependant on the device) but if using a reasonable device, possibly a massive headache too, due to too much nicotine being delivered from large amounts of vapour carrying too much Nicotine.


Keep note too, that when some people Vape higher PG ratio liquids, particularly at higher rates, they can have an intolerance to PG, causing them either to have a sore throat or just general complaints that it doesnt make them feel right, In which case, again, stick to the higher VG Juices.