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OBS Engine RTA

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The OBS Engine was one of the first two post RTA systems designed with the tank and base intended to be isolated and disassembled separately whilst still having a sliding top-side fill and a fantastic two post build deck. Measuring 25mm in diameter, the Engine features a max capacity of 5.2ml filled by a single large 11mm by 5mm side fill that OBS has become renowned for.

The Engine's chassis is specifically designed for isolation between the build deck and tank reservoir, with a manufacturer rated 30% temperature reduction due to the design. A cutout design ensures proper assembly and sealing. The build deck of the Engine features a two post dual terminal per post (velocity style) design with each terminal measuring 2mm in diameter.

The wicking system is integrated directly into the deck, with four 4mm diameter holes positioned in front of each post for convenient and natural wicking. Combined with the design of the chassis, the quad 8mm by 3mm top airflow is incredibly leak proof while simultaneously providing excellent total airflow.

The Engine continues on OBS' excellent manufacturing qualities, made out of 304 Stainless Steel and resistant quartz glass. A flagship system designed to combine and improve upon OBS' previous rebuildable systems, the OBS Engine RTA is an excellent system with great versatility, the signature sliding side fill, and great range.

Product Features:

  • 25mm Diameter
  • Sliding Top Side Fill System
    • 11mm by 5mm
    • Incredibly Easy to Fill
  • 5.2ml Tank Capacity
  • Isolated Build Deck and Tank Assembly
    • Locking Design
    • 30% Temperature Reduction
      • Reduced Contact Area from Base to Chamber
  • Two Post Build Deck
    • Two Post Dual Terminal
      • 2mm Diameter Terminals
      • Side Mounted Hex Screws
    • Four Subdeck Wicking Channels
      • 4mm Diameter Each
      • Rapid Wicking
  • Adjustable Top Airflow
    • 8mm by 3mm Quad Airflow
    • Incredibly Leak Resistant Design
    • Advanced Airflow Circulation System
  • 304 Stainless Steel and Quartz Glass Construction
  • 6mm Bore Drip Tip

Product Includes:

  • One OBS Engine RTA
  • Additional Spare Glass Tank Section
  • Prebuilt Coils and Japanese Organic Cotton

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