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Cloud Revolution - Staple Coils

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Cloud Revolutions high-performance staple coils are designed to give someone just making the jump from a sub tank into a rebuild-able easier. With most of the sub tank's power being generated from a 0.2 ohm resistance dual coil, with these on your dripper will blow those old sub tank coils out of the water. With 8 vertically stacked pieces of 0.3x0.1mm Nichrome 80 ribbon and fuse wire of 40G Nichrome 80, these beasts will make you wonder why you did not make the switch to a rebuild-able earlier.



Core Wire: 8 Strands of 0.3x0.1 N80 Ribbon Wire

Fuse Wire: 40g Nichrome 80

Wraps: 7

Inner Diameter: 3.0mm

Single Coil Resistance: 0.40

Dual Coil Resistance: 0.20

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