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Lets talk about disposable vapes!
Have you ever seen a rusty battery in your t.v remote? Would you hold it right in front of your mouth and take an almighty breath of air over it ? No? Well you better read on...

What are disposable vapes?
These vapes have bursted onto the scene here in Australia, sold illegally by dodgy little convenience stores and people trying to make a quick buck on marketplace/instagram just to name a few.

One reason these devices are illegal is the fact that they contain nicotine.
Nicotine is illegal to sell Australia-wide unless you are a chemist and the person purchasing has a valid prescription (just because some dodgy places/people do it, doesn't mean it's legal).

These products are also of very poor quality, with widespread reports of battery acid leaking throughout the inhalable section of the device causing the potential of inhaling substances you really didn't want/plan to inhale. (Photo included of the internals of one of the more popular devices) ... Potential for the coils / battery to become corroded before even the first use. (how do you know how long this device has been sitting or even whats in it?) These are just a couple of the reasons you will not find these products in any real vape stores in Australia.

Multiple instances of auto-firing have been recorded (basically the device gets stuck on vape mode and ends up igniting and/or melting because of the lack of safety features). You can imagine what your leg would look like if it was in your pocket or what your house WOULDN'T look like (a house) when you return home to find it burned down due to an auto firing cheaply made device, as disposables are designed to be as cheap as possible to maximise profits in a very competitive market it’s usually the case that the metal and liquid they use isn’t of the best quality that you would expect of a reusable vape.

BUT IVE BEEN USING DISPOSEABLES What am I supposed to do now i know this if I want to vape?
If you would like to switch to a vape that doesn't ring all of the above alarm bells, but has all the pro's of a disposable, without the cons, we would suggest buying a quality rechargeable and refillable pod device like the Univapo Miso Pod or the Uwell Caliburn. Obviously being a Vape shop we have a tonne more options too, however you might be surprised to know that these devices actually produce much nicer vapor than the disposables and who would have thought? ... work out much cheaper than using a disposable  ... so remind us, why are you still using disposables? (Hopefully you're not as of reading this.)

The Miso Pod mentioned above is of similar size, if not smaller than most of the disposable vapes.
Is rechargeable via the charge port, the pods are refillable using a juice of your choice (usually much tastier than the disposable rubbish)  and once the pod gets tired (usually around a week for the average vaper) then you can replace it for substantially cheaper than the price of a disposable! 

Most people think these disposable devices are cheaper but when you factor in that they only last a few days for upwards of $20 each, they work out multiple times more expensive than buying a pod device and filling it with your own liquids.

This also opens up so many choices when it comes to flavours so you're not stuck with the same boring flavours day in and day out!

But what about my nicotine?
Don't fear, (see our nicotine pages) you can legally buy nicotine for personal use now with a doctor's prescription in Australia and add it to your local juices. Follow the instructions in the Nicotine pages in the top menu, or if you prefer, pop into the store or even give us a call and we can walk you through every step of the way!

If you see your friends using disposables, PLEASE! do them a favour that could save their life and warn them about the quality and dangers of using these devices.

To be clear - WE DO NOT AND WILL NOT SELL DISPOSABLE VAPES! (We get asked for them many many times a day and the answer is always NO - followed by the explanation above for those willing to listen)

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