Nicotine laws in Queensland.

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If only we had a dollar for every time we had been asked about Nicotine in store and over the phone ... We could probably afford to open a new shop just around the corner from you ... Unfortunately, this shop wouldn't be allowed to sell you nicotine either.

At the time of writing this blog, It's Illegal for us to sell you Nicotine, and therefore we don't, however we believe in the future this will change and you best believe that the day it does, we will be the first to have your favourite juice on the shelf ready for you to vape in the nic level that you want.

Now before going into this next section I first want to mention .... I'm not a lawyer and am not offering you legal advice, only my opinion based on my research and findings.

The general consensus when put simply is .... that it's actually legal under one set of laws to import up to three months supply of nicotine for personal use .... however under a separate set of laws ... once you take possession of said nicotine you would then be breaking the law for unlawful possession of poison...

I've heard of cases where customs have confiscated Nicotine imports and sent letters to the person importing stating that it's illegal to import ... although I personally haven't found anywhere that shows this part of the process to be against the law... my guess is that it would be in relation to the intent to possess. (Again ... I'm not a lawyer ... If you are, preferably specializing in this field, please feel free to shoot us an email further clarifying .. that we can share with the community.)

We have many people come in store and tell us we bought some Nicotine from Joe Blow down the road .. why wont you sell it to me? ... the simple answer is ... because we don't have any to sell as it is against the law to do so.... and its also probably the reason that your old mate Joe Blow is no longer down the road... 

The extended answer to the above is ... we wouldn't even sell it to our own mother if we had it in our possession to sell in the first place ... reason being that we plan to be around for a long time, selling nicotine would most likely result in us being closed down, hence we are not interested in taking that risk.

For those wishing to use Nicotine in their Vape, there are many places in other countries where it is legal to Vape with Nicotine, where a supply of Nicotine can be imported from, however you run the risk of being penalised by your local law enforcement if you choose to do so.

Again for those who choose to do so - Safety first is imperative! Let me say again SAFETY FIRST !!!!!.... Make sure you do plenty of research on working with / using Nicotine, as it is classified as a poison and it can potentially make you very ill or kill you or a relative / pet if used incorrectly. REMEMBER Nicotine can be absorbed by the skin! I can't stress highly enough to do a vast amount of research prior to even considering this avenue.

The Debate - Right or Wrong ... So Vaping with Nicotine is illegal .... 

Well some would say ... it's a poison ... of course it should be illegal ... This I disagree with, I believe there should be much more education before anyone is exposed to it, IE Safety precautions etc...... however the whole, just ban it theory ... shall we also apply this to the other 3 million things in our life that are potentially harmful things in our life if taken incorrectly however potentially helpful to our purpose if used correctly? A simple example - Panadol - Brutal Killer if taken in the wrong dosage ... however people use it every day in a recommended dosage and take benefit from it..... Caffeine ... a similar stimulant in a way to Nicotine ... If taken in a high enough dosage also has the potential to kill you.

Other people would say ... "In the dosage it is used ... it's no more a poison than Caffeine and can actually have therapeutic qualities."

Others - "It's ridiculous that they can sell cigarettes, patches, Nicotine Inhalers, but not allowed to use it in a Vaporizer."

These are just a couple of the conversations that happen within the community all the time, however the fact remains, we can't legally sell Nicotine and therefore we won't until the day it becomes legal to do so... We remain hopeful that one day our Government will look at the various studies around the world about how beneficial it could actually be to our people, and the day they allow us to do so, we will absolutely have it on our shelves .... until this day .... the answer remains NO - we don't sell Nicotine ... not "under the counter" ... not if "we know you" ... not even if you were our own mother ... sorry ... but we just won't.

It's not because we agree with the legislation ... It's because, as a reputable business, we are bound by it.




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